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1a: a going out or forth : EXPEDITION
(1): a usually brief pleasure trip
(2): a trip at special reduced rates
2: deviation from a direct, definite, or proper course*

* Definition of Excursion: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Our Story

From Desire To Passion

With not much time or money in our hands and a desire to see and experience creation and nature we started going on excursions, brief trips to parks we’ve never been to.

Starting with only ourselves and a car, every Saturday we searched out most of the parks, nature preserves, and beaches in the Tampa Bay area. This quickly turned into our new passion as we began to see the hidden beauty and the unexpected danger (if you count banana spiders as dangerous) of the natural world!

We quickly depleted our local getaways, and desired to see more. So we started taking road trips, discovering springs, exploring forests and seeing more and more of this beautiful world!

Italian Streets
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As our adventures took us further and and to more diverse place, we realized that we were not well equipped to be doing some of these hikes. This epiphany came upon us when a scourge of mosquitos chased us a mile back to our car from a trail on Honeymoon Island³. This caused us to begin researching and bringing gear with us.

Our first set of gear came from our closet and camping stuff. An old sling backpack, a tchotchke backpack that we had gotten from a giveaway, an old Leatherman Skeletool that was barely used, sunscreen, bug repellant. We were ready for the next adventure!

As we continue exploring, and discovering our gear keeps changing and upgrading and we are excited to have you join us!

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The Heart of ExcurZion

An Excursion From Zion

The biggest part of our life is our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know, this is the part where you might put your palm to your face and shake your head, but just stick with us!

We know that the Earth will pass away, just like each and every one of us. So we could say that our lives are an excursion; a brief trip in a body in which we can experience common grace and pleasure in this life. And Zion is a word to refer to God’s heavenly kingdom².

God offers us a free gift of eternal life. This is the good news! We all know we have an appointment with death, and this world is constantly saying “Be. Do. Make.” The world puts a burden on us, and God is saying don’t follow this world, deviate from where this world is pushing you, because all of our actions and thoughts that are not loving God or loving others leads us to death.

God doesn’t want us to die forever, He loves us so much that He humbled himself to become man like us, to pay the penalty for our actions. Then after He was in the grave for 3 days, He was resurrected from the dead! God defeated death on your behalf because He loves you and wants to spend forever with you!

The ONLY thing that God wants from you, is for you to turn from the ways of this world which lead to death, and to love Him, trust Him, believe in His works. There is no rule list, no rituals, only pure belief, love and you receive eternal life.

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